Activity rules
Invite your friends to the ranking contest
get an extra 50,000 USDT
From the start of the event
00 days 00 hours 00 mins 00 seconds
First gift
10 USDT for each friend you invite
Within 15 days after the referral has registered for AAX and completed KYC 1
Deposit worth of cash or crypto
The referrer and referral will each get +
Trading amount of spot and future is ≥
The referrer and referral will each get +
Subscribe ≥ worth of crypto to Fixed Savings
The referrer and referral will each get +
Second gift
Number of valid users invited:0
Friend referral
Extra bonus of 0 USDT
Complete the invitation to get extra
Third gift
Share in the friend referral ranking contest
Rule 1:The top 50 users will share 50,000 USDT.
Rule 2:10,000-50,000 USDT will be divided equally among the top 50 in the leaderboard
Share 20,000 USDT
Invite more than 10 valid users and rank in the top 10
Share 20,000 USDT
Invite more than 5 valid users and rank in the top 30
Share 10,000 USDT
Invite more than 3 valid users and rank in the top 50
Number of valid users invited
Equally share (USDT)
Top 50
≥3 and <5
≥5 and <10
≥ 10
Activity rules
1. During the event, if any cheating behaviors such as click farming, batch registration of vice accounts are found, AAX will consider canceling your qualification and may freeze your account according to the situation.
2. Rewards Distribution
2.1 The mission rewards of the prize one and the rewards of friends invitation share the same rules. Rewards will only be issued once after completion.
2.2 Advanced rewards for the second prize, the system will automatically distribute the rewards of the day before to users’ spot accounts.
2.3 The ranking rewards of the third prize and the top 3 extra rewards will be distributed to the users’ spot accounts within 7 work after the end of the event.
3. Users who participate in the event (Inviter, Invitee) must complete KYC1 otherwise can’t obtain the rewards.
4. AAX reserves all rights to this announcement, including but not limited to adjustment, interpretation and termination at any time without prior notice.
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