Warm Reminder: AAX Reward Hub will end on 1 Apr, 2021 , and all AAB rewards earned will be forfeited on 1 May, 2021 (UTC) .

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AAX Reward Hub will end on 1 Apr, 2021, and all AAB rewards earned will be forfeited on 1 May, 2021 (UTC).Click to learn more details.
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  • Deposit

    Make a deposit of more than 50 USDT

  • Buy Crypto with Cash

    Use AAX's cash trading desk to buy crypto (>10 USDT)

  • Complete a Trade

    Complete a trade worth more than 100 USDT on spot or futures market

  • Win

    Complete a trade with a positive PnL on futures market

  • Allocate to AAX Vault

    Allocate funds to AAX Vault to earn rewards

Rules for Claim Center

  • Any AAB earned or won from AAX Grand Stadium can be used to pay for trading fees on AAX spot and futures markets. Users cannot trade, withdraw, or internally transfer the rewarded AAB.
  • The value of rewarded AAB will be the same as spot market value.
  • AAB reward will be adjusted for each task due to the AAB market price volatility.
  • The tasks will repeat or change in the following rounds.
  • Claimed AAB will expire by the end of the next nature month, e.g. the AAB claimed in Nov expires on 31 December
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How does it work?

  • You need to have your own tickets before getting extra tickets by inviting friends.
  • You will only get 1 ticket by completing the tasks. Completing tasks multiple times by yourself doesn’t yield you extra tickets.
  • During the promotion period, AAX monitors for deposits of 10 USDT worth of crypto, or more, and will automatically register that deposit.
  • Executing at least one trade on AAX during the promotion period, irrespective of the amount or market (Futures or Spot), will be automatically detected and registered by AAX.
  • An internal transfer does not count as a deposit, nor does making a profit. A cash-to-crypto purchase on AAX OTC does count as a deposit.